‘Songs Have Power’.

A lifelong love of music has proved that to be true.

But Fierce Planet founder Colin Kelly isn’t content to listen and enjoy the work of others. He wants to contribute, to express the music in his head and to explore how far he can make it go.

A chance meeting with an experienced pop producer on a train home from London several years ago led to Colin taking up keyboards and songwriting again after setting them aside as he pursued a career in broadcasting and his own training and consultancy business.

Singing lessons followed and quickly developed into a passion, and with COVID-19 lockdown disrupting business and providing more time at home, the opportunity arrived to get some of his songs produced and released into the world.

We’ll hear the first results in late summer 2020 with the release of Fierce Planet’s debut single ‘Dancing In The Light’, featuring the vocals of Yvonne Lyon, who also co-wrote the track and who has been working with Colin on several other songs, some of which may be released in the coming months.

With influences ranging from George Michael to Calvin Harris and a colossal CD collection where Madonna, Wet Wet and New Order sit alongside rap, rave and Brit-Pop compilations, pinning Fierce Planet down to a trademark sound or formula may prove challenging, but Colin is unconcerned.

He says, ‘This entire project is about having fun and telling stories. Every song is about a real person, a real situation, something I want to get across. This just happens to be the most enjoyable way to go about it and my only regret is that I didn’t do this years ago.’